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OverSized Mystery Grunge Flannels-All Sizes & Colors

OverSized Mystery Grunge Flannels-All Sizes & Colors

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Welcome to the HoboWarehouse.Com


We have a large selection of vintage warm Flannel Shirts waiting for you! Just make your choice's in the drop down menu and we will send you a fantastic flannel with your requests in mind!

Vintage Flannels are warm oversized and comfy Each Flannel is picked at random with your notes taking a large role in what we ship you.

Each Flannel is in Great second hand Vintage Quality.

We do not guarantee what the age of the flannel is, we have a large range of ages.

Picture is great example but Flannel will not be exact.

If you do not love your Flannel please contact us and we will gladly help you exchange it.


Your Buddy The HoBo  :)