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Mystery Vintage Sweaters: Pick Size & Pattern Style

Mystery Vintage Sweaters: Pick Size & Pattern Style

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 Welcome to the HoboWarehouse.Com

We have a large selection of vintage warm sweaters waiting for you! Just make your choice's in the drop down menu and we will send you a fantastic sweater with your requests in mind!

Vintage Sweaters are warm oversized and comfy Each sweater is picked at random with your notes taking a large role in what we ship you.

Each Sweater is in Great second hand Vintage Quality.

We do not guarantee what the age of the sweater is, we have a large range of ages.

Picture is great example but sweaters will not be exact.

Sweater Colors - Random Please leave notes of Like/Dislikes.

If you do not love your sweater please contact us and we will gladly help you exchange it.


Your Buddy The HoBo  :)